22nd National Sport Climbing Championship concludes in Bengaluru
         Sport climbing is new Olympic sport (2020 Tokyo Olympics) and comprises three events: lead climbing, bouldering and speed climbing.
         The lead and speed events were held at the outdoor climbing station in the Kanteerava Sports Complex (19th & 20thDec), while the bouldering event was held at the Equilibrium indoor climbing station in Indiranagar (18th Dec).
         Among the 5 participating zones, South zone topped the medals tally yet again, followed by North and West zones.
         The nations top 160 climbers participated across multiple age categories, in both men and women.
         The championship was jointly organized by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) and the General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure (GETHNAA), Bengaluru.
         The event sponsors were Petzl, Stepin Adventure, Neo Bags and Merquri Medica. National broadcaster Doordarshan was on board to telecast the entire event.

Bengaluru, 20th December 2016: The 22nd National Sport Climbing Championship concluded a short while ago at the Kanteerava stadium complex in the city.

Closing Ceremony & Prize Distribution

The winners in each category received trophies and cash prizes. As many as 54 individual medals were distributed across the three sport climbing disciplines (bouldering, lead and speed climbing), across three age groups (sub-junior, junior and senior), in both men and women sections.
Among the 5 participating zones, South zone (19 medals) topped the medals tally yet again, followed by North (14), West (9), East (5), North East (5) and Services (2). This marks the 16th consecutive year that the zonal rolling trophy has been won by South zone.
Shreya Nankar (West zone) and Bharath Pereira (South zone) were recognized as the Best Athletes of the Championship and received cash prizes of INR 25000/-.
Shri K Govindaraj (President, Karnataka Olympic Association & Parliamentary Secretary to the Chief Minister) was the chief guest of the occasion.Other important dignitaries included Shri Anupam Agrawal (IPS) [and also Director, Youth Empowerment & Sports, Director General, General Thimayya National Academy of Adventure (GETHNAA) & Patron, Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF)- South Zone Committee], Col Ajit Dutt, Chairman of IMF’s National Sport Climbing Committee, as well as Chairmen of the various IMF zonal committees.

Consolidated Results

Sub junior is 10-13 years, Junior is 13-16 years and Senior category is above 16 years. 
Speed Climbing (20th Dec in Kanteerava complex): Sub junior girls: 1) Jayati Gadamsetty, 2) Purvi (Both South), 3) Vaidehi Nargunde (West); Sub junior boys: 1) Arundeep Charak (North), 2) Talim Ansari (East), 3) Hengouhao (North Eest); Junior girls: 1) Shivpreet Pannu, 2) Shivani Charak (Both North), 3) Netra Char Bhat (South); Junior boys: 1) Bharath Pereira (South), 2) Aman Dogra, 3) Mrityunjay Sharma (Both North); Women: 1) Debala Devi, 2) Smrithi Singh, 3) Sonali Pereira (Both South Zone); Men: 1) Pavana, 2) Pema Bhutia (Both Services), 3) Irfan (West Zone). 
Lead (or ‘difficulty’) climbing (held on 19th Dec in Kanteerava Complex): Sub junior girls: 1) Purvi, 2) Jayati Gadamsetty, 3) Lakshmi Mathangi (all South Zone); Sub junior boys: 1) Karan Singh, 2) Arundeep Charak (both North Zone), Rutoo Pendse (West Zone); Junior girls: 1) Shreya Nankar (West), 2) Shivani Charak, 3) Shivpreet Pannu (Both North); Junior boys: 1) Bharath Pereira (South), 2) Suraj Singh (East), 3) Hritik Marne (West); Women: 1) Prateeksha, 2) Neha, 3) Chea (All South); Men: 1) Ajij Shaikh, 2) Irfan Shaikh (Both West), 3) Kangujam Surjit (North East). 
Bouldering (held on 18th December at Equilibrium climbing station, Indiranagar): Sub junior girls: 1) Sriya Misra, 2) Jayati Gadamsetty, 3) Purvi (all South Zone); Sub junior boys:1) Talim  Ansari, 2) Aman Verma (both East Zone), Arundeep Charak (North Zone); Junior girls: 1) Shreya Nankar (West), 2) Shivani Charak (North), 3) Sulina Ningombam (North-East); Junior boys: 1) Suraj Singh (East), 2) Maibam Chingkheinganba (North East), 3) Govind (North); Women: 1) Neha, 2) Chea, 3) Prateeksha (All South); Men: 1) Adarsh Singh, 2) Sandeep Maity (North), 3) Ajij Shaikh (West).

Speed Event held on Final Day 

As the 22nd National Sport Climbing Competition drew to a close, the speed category proved to be well worth the wait. Participants were allowed a trial run owing to the lack of speed wall infrastructure in their respective zones. Enticing qualifications began with the Mens and Womens category followed by the Juniors, on the temporary speed wall set at half the international standard height. Knock-out rounds are designed in such a way that the first climber (lowest timing) goes against the last climber (highest timing) thereby being left with only 4 final climbers who compete for the top three positions. 
The Services Zone did remarkably well in this category with Pavana BC and Pema Bhutia winning first and second place respectively. Adarsh Singh (North Zone) was unfortunately disqualified owing to two false starts (taking off before the judge has said go). Third place was then inevitably awarded to Irfan Shaikh of West Zone. Seasoned climber Senjam Debaladevi won her first medal in the championship adding to her career medals tally of over 20 national medals. South Zone climber Smriti Singh earned the second position followed by Sonali Pereira also from the same zone. 
Sub Junior Boys and Girls showcased incredible grit and determination as they climbed on the speed route specially set using purely classical holds (i.e non-speed holds). Jayati Gadamsetty and Purvi Rajpurohit, both belonging to the South Zone, secured the first and second place respectively. Vaidehi Nargunde from the West Zone came third.  Arundeep Charak (North Zone), Talim Ansari (East Zone) and Hengouhao (North East Zone) won amongst the 15 Sub Junior Boys participants. 
There was a close fight between the finalists in the Junior Boys category, Bharath Pereira of South Zone came out victorious with a timing of 5.7s. He was followed closely behind by North Zone participants Aman Dogra and Mrityunjay Sharma. Junior Girls Shivpreet Pannu and Shivani Charak made the North Zone proud by winning the first and second place respectively. Netra C Bhat from Bengaluru persevered till the end taking home her second medal of the championship, a bronze.


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