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What Religion Would Jesus Belong To?

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Cosmic Bunny - ONE puzzle of the world is that religions often don’t resemble their founders. Jesus never mentioned gays or abortion but focused on the sick and the poor, yet some Christian leaders have prospered...

Debate Commission denies David Brock request to drop Chris Wallace

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Media Bot - Clinton ally David Brock wants Fox News anchor Chris Wallace removed as a debate moderator. | AP Photo Media Matters founder David Brock is demanding that the Commission on Presidential Debates rem...

Modi government's automated system: 9 AM call to Secretaries if Ministry attracts negative news - The Economic Times

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ET News Updates - NEW DELHI: A 9 am call to secretaries, if their ministry has attracted a "negative" notice in the press, is the norm. The secretary is on a tight leash to send in an "outcome" by 2 pm in the form o...

NYT le habla al Presidente: si quiere ganar confianza, frene el acoso contra las voces críticas

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Notiexpress - Ciudad de México, 12 de septiembre (SinEmbargo).- Una reciente acumulación de demandas contra periodistas y una decisión judicial en mayo que implementó la indemnización por difamación, tienen un e...

EDITORIAL: La inmensa mayoría no negociará el Revocatorio

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Richard Rincon - EDITORIAL: La inmensa mayoría no negociará el Revocatorio Cada día que pasa – o más bien, cada hora- surge el rumor de que, partidos o individualidades de la MUD, estarían en negociaciones con el r...

This child goddess is a prisoner in her own home - This is Yunika, and she is the 7-year-old “Goddess” worshipped in Nepal. Draped in traditional costume and decorated in face paint, the young girl is known as a Kumari — a centuries-old tradition t...

10 Rules for Beating Stress

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Anthony Andrews - Stress has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, but how you respond is only half the battle. The secret to winning the war against stress lies in what you do when you aren’t ...
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BJP fails to gather 40,000 Dalits, Amit Shah’s Agra rally cancelled - The Times of India

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Ajitkumar Kanan - AGRA: Call it the impact of Rohit Vemula suicide, Kanahiya's agitation in JNU, the RSS's purported anti-reservation stance, the acts of cow protection vigilantes or the more recent derogatory remar...
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Dallas Morning News endorses Hillary Clinton, backing first Democrat in 76 years

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Larry - Hillary Clinton spoke during a campaign rally at Texas Southern University in Houston in February. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) For the first time since 1940, the Dallas Morning News has endorsed...
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Revenge of the 'legacy' sector

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Annie Gowen - For the first time in many years, both The New York Times and The Washington Post have passed both Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post in Comscore’s count of monthly digital audience. In July, both le...

Facebook promotes Sept. 11 ‘truther’ conspiracy theory article

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More than half of smartphone users get news alerts, but few get them often

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Gabriel Sherman: Look for post-election 'wholesale housecleaning' at Fox News

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Sam Meddis - Roger Ailes, the genius behind Fox News’ rise as a dominant force in conservative politics, may have been ousted amid a sexual harassment scandal that began roiling the cable channel in early July....


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