New Ghalib Ghazals Discovered will Change the Landscape of Urdu Poetry

New Ghalib Ghazals Discovered will Change the Landscape of Urdu Poetry

The discovery and publication of a rare Mirza Ghalib manuscript containing hundreds more new verses is set to change the landscape of Urdu poetry, according to the experts behind the Rediscover Ghalib website.
The new manuscript has gone into publication this month, with almost one thousand new verses in addition to the existing 700 that scholars, academics and fans of Ghalib know and love. The team behind the publication believe that these new published verses with spark many of the discussions about Ghalib’s work back into life, as the wider poetry community studies the new text.
Shahab Sattar, publisher of this rare manuscript, comments, “It’s incredibly exciting for the Urdu poetry community, to be able to explore and enjoy more than double the number of original Ghalib verses we have enjoyed previously. The incredible new manuscript was also annotated by Mirza Ghalib himself, offering us all a fascinating new insight into this rare and bright talent; one which revolutionised Urdu poetry hundreds of years ago, and is doing so once more with this newly discovered ghazals.”
Experts have hailed the discovery and subsequent publication of the new manuscript as ‘revolutionary’. Ghalib’s work has famously been studied and discussed over the years, with thousands of dedicated scholars and academics offering their thoughts on his many verses.
Sattar adds, “Not only will the new verses help to bring Ghalib’s work into discussion once more, it will also introduce a new generation of poetry scholars and academics to the wonders of Ghalib’s words. We’re thrilled to be publishing this fantastic new edition, and look forward to the debate and discussion that it generates amongst the community.”
The manuscript is currently available to purchase from a number of good retailers, with paperback and digital editions both available, to ensure no one misses out on this once-in-a-lifetime publication. Retailers purveying the book include Amazon, Apple iBooks, Smashwords, Barned & Noble, CreateSpace and the Kindle Store.
The new edition has been revamped, with a lengthy new foreword by Mehr Afshan Farooqi, as well as a dynamic introduction discussing the enormous impact of Ghalib’s works, and why his words are still cherished across the Urdu-speaking world today.
For more information about the publication, or to buy a copy today, visit the website:


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